/ / The Museum of modern art andré Malraux: photos, description (Musee d'art moderne andré-Malraux)

The Museum of modern art andré Malraux: photos, description (Musee d'art moderne andré-Malraux)

The appearance in the Le Havre Museum, dedicated to the Impressionists, perhaps due to the fact that there were children and youth years of the founder of this art movement. In Le Havre Claude Monet, who moved here as a child with his parents, during his school years, he showed exceptional talent as a cartoonist. A few years later, Monet met in Le Havre, his first teacher of the artist eugène Boudin, who was able to captivate a seventeen year old Monet is a real art, and revealed to him the beauty of nature.

The works of Claude Monet along with other impressionist works can be seen today in the Museum of modern art, named after andré Malraux. Mr. Malraux, writer, Resistance fighter and Minister of culture of the Fifth Republic was the initiator of creation of this Museum, which opened in 1961. As the Minister Malraux has also been campaigning for the restoration of buildings of important museums such as the Louvre. He also wrote several treatises on the philosophy of art and novels, one of which was awarded the Goncourt prize.

Currently in the Museum of Le Havre is stored an outstanding collection of impressionist paintings, the second in number of paintings in France after the Orsay Museum. It presents works of Henri Matisse, eugène Boudin, Edouard Manet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, eugène Delacroix, Camille Pissarro, Edgar Degas and Edward Manet, Alfred Sisley, Gustave Courbet, and a native of Le Havre, Raoul Dufy and other artists. Just in the collection there are about two hundred paintings. A few years ago the Museum added a large collection of works Oliver Hay.

The Museum andré Malraux engages in activities in the framework of the festival "Impressionistic Normandy", which is held since 2010.