/ / The Museum of modern art, Le Consortium: photos, description (Le Consortium)

The Museum of modern art, Le Consortium: photos, description (Le Consortium)

Le Consortium is one of the largest international centers of contemporary art. It is situated in the Burgundian town of Dijon, Central France.

The Association Le Consortium originated the city in 1977. For many decades, this center, together with the Museum, moved from one temporary building to another. In 2009 it opened a branch of Le Consortium in London - it is situated on Hoxton street, and the permanent refuge of the Museum and was not. And only in 2011 the new building of this Museum centre was finally completed. For the construction were answered by Shigeru Ban, a famous Japanese architect, winner Precariously award 2014. This award is considered equivalent to the Nobel prize. Shigeru is famous for the fact that she uses non-traditional materials: bamboo, paper, fabric and plastic.

The main objective of the centre Le Consortium is to support and promote contemporary art and young artists, sculptors, photographers and other artists. Moreover, the participants of this program when you create your own style and not afraid to take risks and experiment with form, content, style or even material used. To go against the conventions laid the basis for the creation of this center, as it was originally formed by the most radical artists opposed to traditional.

Constantly presented in the Museum about 250 different works, interestingly, they change regularly or transferred from one Museum to another. Le Consortium works closely with the Centre Pompidou in Paris, and also maintains relations with many international museums. There are always exhibition, which presents works made by artists from different countries, most often from Eastern countries. Moreover, the Museum is directly involved in the development of the Asian cultural center in South Korea.

Cultural center Le Consortium is known worldwide and has already won several prestigious awards, including the famous Turner prize.