/ / The Museum of Old Nimes: photo description (Musee du Vieux Nimes)

The Museum of Old Nimes: photo description (Musee du Vieux Nimes)

The history of the city, as well as crafts of the Languedoc and famous Niska twill presented in the Museum of old Nimes. Already the Museum building itself is a historic landmark, the Museum is housed in the former Episcopal Palace, which was built in XII-XIII centuries. The Palace is opposite the Cathedral of Notre-Dame and Saint castor.

The Museum was opened in this historic building in 1920, its Creator was Henri Bokie. One section of the Museum dedicated to the life and crafts of the inhabitants of the Languedoc - here are the furniture of the past centuries, ceramic tableware, costumes, and other items of daily use. The inhabitants of the region earn their living by viticulture and winemaking, as well as weaving. So in the Museum you can see niskie shawls, and in the gift shop at the Museum - even buy them.

Perhaps the most famous product nimsky weavers became durable cotton material blue, or blue, which all became known as "sarge-de-Nimes", Nimshi the twill. It is believed that production of this fabric started the first Protestant by the name of Andre in the XVII century, whose descendants then moved to Genoa, and moved back and family business. Praised this versatile material is only in the late nineteenth century manufacturer, Levi Strauss, apply for a patent, and forced the whole world to wear denim pants. The history of denim in the Museum are presented in a separate blue room.

In this century in the building of the Episcopal Palace were restored, which ended in 2009.