/ / The Museum of Old AIX: photos, description (Musee du Vieil-Aix)

The Museum of Old AIX: photos, description (Musee du Vieil-Aix)

The Museum of Old AIX is, of course, in the old part of AIX-EN-Provence. The area delineated several avenues, including a 400-meter Cours Mirabeau is one of the main streets of the city. The main in the old part of AIX is recognized as street Gaston de Saporta, in house number 17 which is a Museum. Neighboring building - house Stoner - is remarkable in that it stopped the king Louis XIV during his visit to Provence. Tourists are advised to look into the inner courtyard of the house where you can see an interesting wall painting.

Street Gaston de Saporta is notable for the its numerous pastry shops, stores and souvenir shops. In addition, it leads to the Cathedral Saint-Sauveur, built in the XII-XIV centuries, and both sides of the street was built up a lovely Baroque mansions.

The Museum occupies one of these mansions in the Baroque style - Esten de Saint-Jean since 1930. It is dedicated mainly to the history and traditions of Provence and the city during the reign of Louis XIV. Here are the clothing and household items not only ordinary citizens but also the local nobility, including furniture, porcelain wares. In the Museum you can also get acquainted with the local customs. One of the most interesting exhibits of the Museum are wooden dolls of two types. A puppet that hung over the beds of children and served as a attribute of one of the religious holidays (the day of the Lord's Body), which was widely observed until the twentieth century. Dolls made of wood were also used in representations of Christmas theatres and was named Santon.