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Museum Stendal: photo description (Musee Stendhal)

The famous French writer Stendhal was born in Grenoble in 1783 and lived here under the name of Henri-Marie beyle to 16 years. He then went to Paris, entered the military service, and thanks to her, visited Italy (participating in the Italian campaign of Napoleon), Germany, and even Russia, while his eyes watched the battle of Borodino in 1812. Destiny no longer led the writer to his hometown, and he died in Paris in 1842. With the name of Stendhal in Grenoble has several memorable places.

In Grenoble Stendhal spent the first eight years of his life in the house â„–12 on the street that now bears the name of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and then moved to her grandfather's house, which stood near the square Grenet. The writer's grandfather, Henri Gagnon was famous in the city doctor, the young Stendhal remember the coziness of this home and described it in his autobiographical novel "the Life of Henri Bruler". Today, this building you can visit. The future writer studied at the Central city school, now this building is the Lyceum, named after him. To school he spent three years studying Latin, mathematics, logic, philosophy, and art history. He also took drawing lessons from Louis-Joseph Geay, founded in Grenoble one of the first in France's provincial museums.

The inhabitants of Grenoble had paid due honors to the talent of his countryman, opening in 1933 in the apartment where the writer was born, the Museum of Stendhal. It is located in a former city hall where the heritage of the writer reserved a few rooms. In the Museum you can see manuscripts of his novels, the portraits of Stendhal and his family members as well as the bust of the writer.