/ / The fabric Museum: photos, description Musee de l'impression sur etoffes)

The fabric Museum: photos, description Musee de l'impression sur etoffes)

The Museum of printed textiles in Mulhouse is the largest in the world - its collection comprises nearly six million items. The Museum is visited by not only tourists, but also couturiers from around the world - may come for inspiration.

The history of Mulhouse were closely tied to textile production. The first manufactory was opened in the city in the middle of the XVIII century, and after about 50-60 years of age in clothes made of fabrics molotsky dressed and France, and the rest of Europe. The real heyday of the industry occurred after 1806 when Napoleon forbade the export of textiles from England. Together with the weavers on the rise were representatives of related departments, including dyers of fabrics, chemists and artists in the tissues, pridumyvaya new drawings.

The Museum of printed fabrics was established in 1833 at the Museum of industrial design. However for the public it opened its doors only in the early XX century, and before that rich, constantly expanding collection of samples of textiles were intended mainly for specialists. Your contribution to the Foundation and funding of this collection was made by the owners of the textile mills.

Today, the Museum presents the history of dyeing production and printing, since the eighteenth century. Initially drawing on the canvas applied by hand, using wooden stamps, which are dipped into containers of dye. Then they were replaced by printing machines, but exclusive drawings continued to create still manually. In the Museum you can see and boards for printed cloth inscribed with scenes and machines, making impressions on the fabric of mass production. In the Museum recreated the interiors of the workshops that cut tamping Board and blended colors. Separately submitted tissue samples with the most complex and interesting patterns - this collection includes 50 thousand specimens.

At the Museum shop, which sells textiles and the fabrics.