/ / Unterlinden Museum: photos, description (Musee Unterlinden)

Unterlinden Museum: photos, description (Musee Unterlinden)

The Unterlinden Museum is one of the most famous art museums of France, is located in the Alsatian town of Colmar, on the same street. The Museum occupies the former convent of Unterlinden, built in the XIII century. Its name comes from a small religious community, founded by two residents of Colmar. The building, which housed the community, stood among the lindens, so the name literally translates from German as "under the Linden trees". The monastery was named in honor of St. John belonged to the Dominican order.

During the great French revolution the monastery was confiscated from the Church and was used as barracks and stables. The Museum was only founded in 1849, and opened in four years. For more than a century and a half of them managed by the Schongauer Society, created by archivist Louis Hugo in 1847. Martin Schongauer was an outstanding artist of the XV century, and his prints are also stored in this Museum.

The fame of the Museum has brought an outstanding collection of works of sacred art in which the most valuable item called Sengeysky the altar, painted in the XVI century by the artist Matthias Grunewald. The altar is located in the former chapel. In addition to the religious, the Museum presents and secular art, and archaeological finds - objects of the era that preceded the period of the Merovingians, musical instruments from the XIV to the XIX century, collection of weapons that were used for parades, battles and hunting until the nineteenth century.

To the unique exhibits of the Museum include the harpsichord of the first half of the XVII century and paintings done on the reverse side of the glass. Their authors are Franz Haldenwanger and Nikolaus Sprengler, who lived in the late XVII - XVIII centuries.

The Museum also holds a sculptural and graphic works, impressionist paintings, and even the traditional Alsace crafts and vintage children's toys.