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Museum Fesch: photos, description Musee Fesch)

In the Corsican town of Ajaccio's many attractions due not only to Napoleon I, but also with his relatives. One of them is the art gallery, located in the Palace that once belonged to cardinal Joseph Fesch. He had Napoleon's uncle on the maternal side. During the reign of his nephew, he not only made a career of cardinal, but has managed to spoil: Napoleon expressing his disapproval of the conflict of the Emperor with Pope Pius VII, cardinal Fesch was exiled to Lyon. This happened in 1811, a few years before cardinal Fesch married Napoleon and Josephine de Beauharnais - in 1804, on the eve of the coronation of Napoleon.

During his life, cardinal Fesch has collected works of art with the prospect of ever to open in Ajaccio Institute of fine arts. The construction of the Palace, which houses the gallery, began in 1828 . After the death of the cardinal in Rome, a part of his rich collection of paintings (more than 17 thousand pieces) have been sold, however, and what remains continues to impress.

Today art gallery in the Palace of Fesch is considered the best in Ajaccio, and known far beyond Corsica and France. Among the paintings stored in it, are the real masterpieces of a brush of the most famous masters - such as "Madonna and child" by Sandro Botticelli, and paintings by Raphael, Bellini, Titian and Veronese. In addition to representatives of the Italian school, in the Museum you can see works of the artists of Spain and France. In the Palace of Fesch hotel is the library, which collected books of the XV-XVI centuries. At the end of XX century the Palace was renovated.

Near the Palace stands the Chapelle Imperiale - the chapel, built by order of cardinal Fesch as a family tomb of Bonaparte, and the bronze statue of the FESH.