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Museum fora: photo description (Musee Faure)

In 1981 from the Museum Faure in AIX-Les-Bains was stolen the work of Camille Pissarro "the Fish market". In 2003, the painting "showed up" at the auction of Sotheby's and was confiscated. Later the district court of new York decided to return the painting to France.

Museum of fine arts in AIX-Les-Bains was named after its founder, doctor and collector of Jean Faure. He died in 1942, and before his death bequeathed his private collection of works of art to the city. The Museum opened seven years after his death, and meeting the handicap lay in its basis.

Foret Museum also called the Museum of impressionism, as it presents an impressive collection of works by the artists. Among the famous names already mentioned Camille Pissarro, Paul Cezanne, Edgar Degas and other painters. In addition, the Museum is famous for its collection of works by sculptor Auguste Rodin, which is considered the second largest in France.

The Museum is housed in the Villa Chimera, which was built in the early twentieth century in the Genoese style on a hill overlooking the city.

A small resort town of AIX-Les-Bains can invite their guests and to other museums - Museum of archeology, where the busts of Roman emperors. Near the town are the former Cistercian Abbey of Hautecombe, which served as the burial place of the Dukes of Savoy, the Museum of flora and fauna of the massif Bauges. Tours also are held in salt caverns in the centre of the resort, to the nearby cities of Annecy and Chambery, and, of course, on the Bourget lake is the main attraction of these places.