/ / Museum people: photos, description (Musee de l'homme)

Museum people: photos, description (Musee de l'homme)

The Paris Museum of man is a branch of the National Museum of natural history, devoted to anthropology. But the branch is completely independent, has a very rich collection. It is located in the South wing of the Palais de Chaillot, and the Trocadero.

An early ancestor of the Museum can be considered to have appeared in France in the XVI century the Royal Cabinet of rarities, the Cabinet of curiosities, containing including anatomical abnormalities. This collection became the basis of the Ethnographic Museum of the trocadéro, founded in 1878. He also inherited the Museum of man, outdoor the landmark for Paris 1937 - the city then took the pre-war world's fair. The initiator of the Museum became the largest French physician and anthropologist, Chairman of the vigilance Committee of anti-fascist intellectuals Paul Riva.

In normal circumstances, the Museum has only been there for three years - in 1940 in Paris included the Nazis. It was here, in a scientific institution, was born the first cell of the French Resistance. The creation of an underground "network of Museum of Man" is associated with the names of two immigrants from Russia - the native of Petersburg Boris Vilde and the emigrant of the first wave of Anatoly Levitsky. Their group started the publication of illegal Newspapers of "the Resistance", which received the name and all the liberation movement. Wilde and Levitsky was captured by the Nazis and shot.

Visitors to the Museum can see the four permanent collections. The first talks about the stages of human development, the second is about the growth of the population, and the third on the genetic structure of mankind, the fourth contains exhibits showing the progress of ethnic processes on different continents. Of course, in special pavilions maintained and presents well-preserved exhibits of the Royal Cabinet of rarities.

In the early XX century, was given the part of the collection Les Invalides - a huge number of mannequins, dressed in armor and uniforms of past eras. Meet and rather strange exhibits, such as the skull of the great scientist rené Descartes.

The Museum is not only an exhibition centre but also a research institution. Then study the problem of human adaptation to the environment, the impact of human activities on the nature of the Earth.