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Museum Cernuschi: photos, description (Musee Cernuschi)

Museum Cernuschi is a collection of Chinese art, transferred in 1896 as a gift to Paris, a major French banker of Italian origin, Henri Cernuschi. The Museum is located in a mansion that was custom built by a financier for his collection.

Creation of the collection was preceded by a life full of revolutionary romanticism. The son of wealthy parents, the young Garibaldi, Enrico Cernuschi was one of the leaders of the anti-Austrian uprising in Milan in 1848 and displayed rare courage at the barricades. After the failure of the first war for Italian independence fled to Paris, made here a brilliant career financier. The ideals of youth were given a recurrence in 1870: Cernuschi financed the opposition to Napoleon III and was forced to leave France. Disillusioned with politics, he turned his eyes to the East.

From Japan and China, he returned with a remarkable collection of rarities, which included bronze, pottery, funerary statuettes, painted silk. The gem of the collection was the four-meter bronze Buddha statue of the XVII century from Meguro (Japan). Until the last days of his life, a successful banker and a prominent economist with an international reputation will be keen to collect objects of Oriental art. In 1896 he presented to the Paris meeting of the five thousand exhibits. Nowadays the Museum collection consists of more than twelve thousand items, 900 of them are in the halls.

Cernuschi Museum is located in a quiet area North of the Champs-elysées, at the Eastern entrance of the Park Monceau. The mansion is small, on the ground floor - a permanent exhibition on the second are the temporary exhibitions. In the permanent exhibition draw attention to a collection of bronzes of the archaic belonging to the XV-III centuries BC, the funerary statues of the Northern Wei dynasty and the sui ceramics of an era tan. Magnificent terracotta sculptures of Tang dynasty - players in Polo, women's orchestra on horseback. Cheerful smiling funerary figurines created by twenty centuries ago, two chefs, a musician, a dancer, a farmer, a singer.

A small Museum Cernuschi is one of the oldest in France, museums of Oriental arts, fifth in the number of exhibits of Chinese art in Europe.