/ / Museum Chevre: photos, description (Musee Rupert de Chievres)

Museum Chevre: photos, description (Musee Rupert de Chievres)

Rupert Museum Chevre is the second largest Museum in the French city of Poitiers, located in the West of the country in the region Poitou-Charentes. It is second only to the musée St-Croix. The city of Poitiers has a rich history - it was founded by the Gauls in the II century before Christ. During the Early middle Ages Poitiers was a Christian centre of Aquitaine, and then - the administrative center of the whole region of Poitou. It is now one of the richest architectural cities of France, there survived a lot of monuments ranging from a Roman aqueduct, and ending with the Gothic cathedrals.

Rupert Museum Chevre is located in an old mansion built on the site of an ancient Augustinian monastery. He is on Victor Hugo street in the heart of the city - just between the town hall, in the style of neo-Renaissance, and the Prefecture of the mid-nineteenth century. The Museum is named after its owner, a noble and rich man, who was a connoisseur of fine arts. He bought a series of paintings by Dutch and Flemish artists, as well as fine furniture and faience. All of this is presented in this Museum. In addition, the Museum's collection Chevre logically continues the collection of the city Museum - Museum of St. Croix, ending the XVI century. Chevre, the Museum presents paintings from this period till the eighteenth century.

The Museum building itself Chevre since 1952, is a monument of history and architecture of France and is under state protection.

It should be noted that at the moment the Museum is temporarily closed due to planned restoration and renovation of the collection.