/ / Museum library: photo, description Musee-bibliotheque de Grenoble)

Museum library: photo, description Musee-bibliotheque de Grenoble)

The Museum library is one of the many museums in the French city of Grenoble, located in the South-East of the country, in the isère, rhône - Alpes region. The first settlement here appeared in the III century ad, and in Medieval times it housed the administrative centre of the historical region of Dauphine.

The Museum library is located on Verdun square in the old, monumental, but at the same time is quite elegantly decorated nineteenth-century building. It was completed in 1870, and in 1992 was recognized as a monument of history and culture of France.

The first city library was founded in 1772, the Museum, and almost 30 years later in 1798. From the outset, both of these Institute has occupied the same building of the former Jesuit College, later they practically merged and for decades were moved from place to place. The modern building of the library Museum was built specifically in order to provide the two most important urban institutions, the permanent place of residence". Museum and library lasted together more than a hundred years, until in 1994 was opened a new modern Museum center.

The building is exquisitely decorated inside and outside. The lobby of the Museum is crowned with a painted flower motifs on the dome and its rooms are painted in rich red color. Interestingly, for better light penetration, it was decided to make transparent roof. And on the sides of the library room in four vertical rows are covered galleries with bookshelves, ceilings which are wood-panelled. The building features fine painted Gables - it can also be found both inside and outside. As regards the external appearance of a building, it cannot be called lush or overly pretentious. However, the main facade is still striking in its elegance. Its triangular porches decorated with carving and various bas reliefs, and on the sides and at a lower level symmetrically placed sculptures representing the ancient Muses. Another bright detail of the facade are medallions, is still below - they represent the great thinkers of the Enlightenment - Descartes, Montesquieu, and others, as well as Allegories of Knowledge, Nature and Meditation.

Now in this monumental building still has a city library, and held meetings and sessions figures of science and culture. However, several temporary exhibitions and the one constant on urban development Grenoble, still reside here.