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Moulin Rouge: photo description (Moulin Rouge)

Moulin Rouge ("Red mill" Moulin Rouge - the most famous in the world of classical cabaret, founded in 1899. It is located on Boulevard Clichy, near place Pigalle, in the famous "red light district".

The opening of the cabaret its owners Joseph Oller and Charles Zidler deliberately timed the start of the Paris world's fair and the completion of the construction of the Eiffel tower - both of these events attracted to the French capital a great number of guests and the project initiators hoped for their attention. The title of the cabaret comes from a replica of a windmill, painted in red color - it is mounted on the roof.

From the start the cabaret has attracted not only middle class, but the aristocracy, artists. His regulars the Prince of Wales, Picasso, Oscar Wilde. The initial period of the Moulin Rouge in the shadow of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec - artist appeared here every night. His paintings depicting dancers and dancing, glorified cabaret.

The main part of the evening program, the Moulin Rouge has always been the view, accompanied by a performance of the cancan. This number has changed over time: from the dance of the courtesans it gradually turned into an exciting dance superbly trained dancers - with acrobatics, but still with shrieks and screams.

In 1893 one of the dancers of the Moulin Rouge for the first time in modern history fully undressed on the stage. We can assume that here was first performed real Striptease.

In 1915 a fire destroyed the Moulin Rouge, but in 1921, the school opened again. During the occupation of Paris, his work was interrupted, but after the war was resumed. Sang Charles Aznavour. Was put technologically a very complex number: for example, in 1964, appeared on the scene of a huge aquarium, in which swam Nude dancer.

About the famous cabaret written countless songs, filmed six feature films, written a novel.

Cabaret 850 seats. Now here is a Revue "Extravaganza", is considered the best program of the Moulin Rouge.


  • Location: 82 boulevard de Clichy, Paris
  • Nearest metro station: "Blanche" of the M2 line
  • Official website: http://www.moulinrouge.fr