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Moulin Forville: photos, description Moulin Forville)

Moulin Forville is a small private Museum in Cannes, telling about the culture of Provence. Now get into it is not easy - it opens to the public only on the first Saturday of each month, and then usually only in the second half of the day. But, first, many tourists find themselves in Cannes in the beginning of the month, and secondly, the municipality promised to turn this place into a city Museum, and then to get here will be much easier.

The Museum is located at the foot of the hill of Le Suquet, on the street, Forville, in a former oil mill, which once pressed the oil from olives. At the time this mill was bought and lived in her amazing man - Victor Tuby. A native of Cannes, he studied fine arts in Paris, bravely fought in the First world (for which he was promoted to knight of the Legion of honour and awarded the Military cross), and after the war studied sculpture. In particular, sculpted many monuments for the famous Cannes film cemetery Grand Jas.

However, the main interest of the life of Victor, Tobi was his native Provence. Tube, founded in 1919, the Academy of Provence exist in Cannes and now her task is the maintenance of national customs. The Academy teaches children and adults folk songs and dances, and her sewing workshop provides authentic outfits.

Tube decades gathered everything related to the history of Provence, old costumes, books, and various artifacts. The collection accumulated in his house, the former mill Moulin Forville. Here and now, after the death of Tobi and his wife, everything remains as it was in front of them. This concern is specially created Association of other enthusiasts. Saved and sculpture Studio owner, and his lab (he studied natural Sciences). In the authentic interiors of the daily family life, Tube exhibited Provencal furniture, utensils, tools, embroideries, clothing. At Christmas, there is generally shown a collection of Nativity scenes - dozens of them, and they always delight visitors.

The city has perpetuated the memory of the ascetic, near the Moulin Forville, there is a Boulevard named Victor Tube.