/ / Cape Pertusato: photos, description Cap de Pertusato)

Cape Pertusato: photos, description Cap de Pertusato)

Pertusato Cape is the southernmost point of the French island of Corsica. From the island of Sardinia is the Italian territory, it is separated by a narrow Strait, which was named Bonifacio, in honor of the city that grew up on this place.

The city itself was founded in 830 by monk leaning Bonifacio was named in his honor. For a long time this town was considered the most fortified settlements of the whole island. At the time, Bonifacio was highly influential centre, it has retained some of the old medieval buildings including three churches of the XIV century.

Cape Pertusato is located 5 kilometres South-East of the city of Bonifacio. The Cape is located on a hill, the maximum altitude here is nearly up to 100 meters above sea level. This plateau offers a magnificent view out across the sea surface. In good weather you can even see the outline of a shore of a neighboring island, Italian Sardinia.

Cape can be reached even on foot from the city of Bonifacio. The rise of the hill is quite easy, and the whole way there and back can take even less than two hours, unless, of course, to walk briskly. You can also drive by car: Parking is available immediately behind the beach and the lighthouse Pertusato, one kilometre from the southern edge of the island.

It should also be noted Pertusato lighthouse, built in 1844. It is 16.5 meters in height. Interestingly, it serves as a meteorological station. Unfortunately, for tourist visits to the lighthouse is closed.

The Cape is distinguished by its astonishing flora and fauna. Here grow many Mediterranean plants, including the famous evergreen junipers, and even fly a unique swallowtail butterflies, common only on the Islands of Corsica and Sardinia. And in the dark grottoes and caves formed in the rocks a few million years ago, is home to various species of bats.