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Cape Ferrat: photos, description (Cap Ferret)

Cape ferret and located on the commune of Lège-cap-ferret on the one hand washed by the Atlantic ocean, and on the other Arcachon Bay. Commune called the oyster capital of France, the Bay is full of farms specializing in the breeding of oysters and mussels.

Before the Arcachon Bassin began to develop tourism, Cape ferret, inhabited mainly by fishermen. Tourists this land is covered with sand dunes and pine woods, was opened in the beginning of the XX century. Today, besides visiting oyster farms and restaurants that serves the choicest seafood, Cape ferret can offer yacht rides and sand beaches throughout its length - the length of the Cape is about 25 kilometers.

In addition, the Cape has its attractions - for example, the cap ferret's lighthouse at the southern tip of the Cape. Its height exceeds 50 meters, so the lighthouse is also a great observation deck, which is perfect to enjoy the ocean views. Another attraction is the chapel in the village of Erba, the rest of the once great estates, the so-called "Algerian Villa". The chapel was built in the Moorish style. In Erbe is the latest fishing hut retained as a sample of the houses of the first inhabitants of the Cape. An example of the fishing village is also the village of Le Canon.

Near the Cape is the famous dune of Pyla is a unique natural phenomenon, constantly growing and moving a mountain of sand, the biggest sand dune in Europe. Its width is 500 meters, height - 130 meters and a length of about three kilometers. The crest of the dunes - a wonderful viewing platform from which see the outlines of the Cape ferret and the bottom. The space around the dunes equipped for a comfortable stay - there are Parking, restaurants, hotels and souvenir shops.

By the way, cap ferret is almost full namesake - cap Ferrat, located on the Cote d'azur.