/ / Cape Chevre: photos, description Cap de la Chevre)

Cape Chevre: photos, description Cap de la Chevre)

The Chevre Cape is the southernmost point of the Crozon Peninsula located on the North-West of France, Brittany region. Interestingly, this Peninsula is located on the territory of the Western Department of the country of Finistère, whose name means "land's end". Crozon itself is famous for its colourful music festivals, as well as the fact that on its territory were found many megalithic monuments of the Neolithic period.

It is a rocky and satisfied marshland, which is all overgrown with Heather and a small Mediterranean pine trees and shrubs, such as juniper. From the Cape offers a magnificent view on the sea and in good weather and on small coastal Islands and even on the tip of the adjacent, North of the promontory of Brittany. At the same time, it has a unique landscape and rich flora and fauna. The area of Cape Chevre is part of the national Park Armorique.

It is interesting that the Cape is not uninhabited - there is several small villages, and so the hilly slopes of the Cape is dotted with small old stone houses which are virtually protected from the chilling winds from the sea. And soon, this wonderful landscape will be complemented by a more idyllic painting - to restore grass cover in this area of the service for the protection of the environment intend to build here sheep the pasture.

The rocks of Cape Chevre are of particular interest to geologists, it was found that they consist of Sandstone and various layered rocks back to the Paleozoic era, that is, they are more than 500 million years.

Cape Chevre, being the extreme tip of Brittany, he served in strategic and Supervisory purposes since ancient times. Almost constantly on duty here special military garrison. During the Second world war there's been a few battles in whose memory was established the memorial. In 1971 was upgraded to signal the semaphore, which now belongs to the national Navy of France.