/ / The municipality of Dunkerque: photo, description Hotel de ville de Dunkerque)

The municipality of Dunkerque: photo, description Hotel de ville de Dunkerque)

With the city of Dunkirk is one interesting local tradition. Before the beginning of lent in Dunkerque is a three - day carnival this holiday is rooted in the XVII century and are connected with wires on a semi-annual fishermen fishing cod to the shores of Ireland. Before sailing, the fishermen have received half of his salary and started its fun to run through. Since the second half of the XVII century the local authorities decided to take over the management of this natural fun and established the carnival. After the Second world war in the holiday program appeared cute nuance, which is still maintained: when the carnival procession passes city hall, the mayor goes to the balcony and begins to throw a festive crowd smoked cod.

The building, the balcony of which in days of carnival flying cod, was built in the late nineteenth century and inaugurated in 1901. At the opening ceremony of the new town hall was attended by the President of France Emil Loubet and the Russian Emperor Nicholas II.

Before building dunkerly hall had two more. The first was built in the 30-ies of the XIII century and demolished about the middle of the XVI century. The second building was built in 1562 and almost immediately burned down. This town hall was renovated and two years later opened again. This building is the city hall of Dunkirk, and was located until the late nineteenth century, and then it was decided to demolish as a very old. The third building was designed by Louis-Marie Cordone. In 1940 the town hall was damaged by bombing and was reconstructed after the Second world war, the son Cordone. At the opening of the hall after reconstruction in 1955, he again attended the French President - this time it was rené Coty.

The town hall built in the tradition of Flemish architecture, and its facade is something of a Board of honor, as it posted figures of prominent citizens. Initially, the statues were eight, but after the Second world war remained six. In the company of stone of Napoleon's General, Admiral, two of the counts and the mayor you can also see the statue of Michel Jacobsen - the first of the pirates of Dunkirk, the great grandfather of Jean Bar is another famous sea robber.

The town hall is adjacent to the red brick bell tower-belfry - UNESCO world heritage site along with other Belfort France and Belgium.