/ / City hall of Rennes: photo description (Mairie de Rennes)

City hall of Rennes: photo description (Mairie de Rennes)

The city administration building and Rennes city Hall Plaza where it is located, form a single architectural ensemble. The building and the square was designed by the outstanding architect of XVIII century by Jacques Gabriel. The ensemble of the square and the buildings came out excellent and to this day this place attracts the attention of residents and guests of Rennes, one of the city symbols.

City Hall Plaza is located in the city centre, almost on the banks of the river Vilaine. The square complex also includes other buildings - the clock tower in the Italian style Opera house built nineteenth century. Besides them, on the square there are several cafes and shops.

The three-story city hall building was built in 1733 in Baroque style. It consists of two buildings, one of which is Rennes Pantheon - a memorial hall dedicated to the memory of those killed in the First world war, opened in 1918. In the second case since 1840 is the office of the mayor and the Department of law. Between these two wings of the building stands a clock tower topped with a spire.

In 1922 the city hall building temporarily lost some of its decorations - mayor Jean Janvier decided that the contents of the building in the proper form comes to the city budget a lot of money, so I decided to cut costs this way. To the credit of the municipality of Rennes it is worth noting that in 1963 the building was restored to its historical look and was designated a historical monument, protected by the government. However, not all details of the building were recovered. Right under the clock located vacant niche, which once was a statue of Louis XV, which was later destroyed. Then in the alcove appeared a sculptural composition of work of Jean Bouchet, created in honor of the annexation to France of Brittany, but still it did not stick.