/ / The municipality of Soissons: photo, description Hotel de ville de Soissons)

The municipality of Soissons: photo, description Hotel de ville de Soissons)

The city hall of Soissons was built in the second half of the XVIII century, around the years 1772-1775. Originally it was the residence of the Royal quartermaster by the name of de Morfontaine, built on the site of the Palace belonging to the counts of Soissons.

For the construction of the building was chosen the style of "new classicism": a two-story mansion was faced with stone tiles, and its facade was decorated with a triangular pediment.

In Soissons Palace is close to Cathedral of Saints Gervasius and Protasius, as well as relatively close to the ruined Abbey of Saint-Jean-des-Vignes. In more or less of the surviving buildings of the once powerful monastery now houses the research centers, studying local archaeological finds, and Romanesque painting. The building, which since 1833 are the municipal authorities, is also culture and art - in addition to the offices of officials, also the town's library and Museum.

Around the town hall is a large Park complex and the building of the municipality is a part, and is widely used in gardening: a wide outside staircase of the town hall Laden with vases of flowering plants, and on the building Windows fixed hanging pots with flowers. In addition, the building "blooms" in the evening, due to the installed on the facade system of illumination. The Park around town hall is planted with colourful flowers and lush bushes, he laid a gravel track.

Another feature of the town hall are massive stone gate. The square on which stands the building of the municipality, respectively called the town Hall square.