/ / La Croisette: photos, description (Promenade de la Croisette)

La Croisette: photos, description (Promenade de la Croisette)

La Croisette - the world famous Boulevard in Cannes that stretches along the sea. A three-kilometer promenade that connects old and new ports, became famous for the Palace of festivals and Congress hall, which hosts the Cannes film festival, and now the Croisette - not just the most popular street of the city, and a symbol of luxury and success. It is the most expensive boutiques, restaurants and clubs.

Once there was a simple coastal road called "Path of small cross pilgrims walked on it, then to go to the island of St Honor, Lerinski monastery. Provencal word crouseto means "the small cross". The name of the road was reminiscent of the legendary event, the Cannes of the middle ages - the elevation of the cross against Saracen-Muslims.

In 1635 began the Franco-Spanish war, and the battle that raged in the Bay, destroyed the road. By the early nineteenth century from her and left no traces, everything was covered with dunes.

However, in the middle of the century a small village Cannes has become a fashionable holiday destination for wealthy British after Lord broom accidentally "discovered" this lovely Bay. Followed and Russian aristocrats. Rich vacationers lacked promenade where you could walk, to bow and to consider other strollers. City officials realized that control is now not a village and seaside resort, and he needs a decent beach. It was built in the sixties of the XIX century, at first it was called the Boulevard of the Empress.

The promenade soon became a centre of attraction for all tourists and made more fashionable Cannes. In 1888 guy de Maupassant wrote: "Titles, titles, some titles! Those who love titles, bliss here. I did not have time yesterday to set foot on the Croisette, I met three Highness!" ("On the water", translated by Boris Gornung).

La Croisette can not boast of a huge number of ancient architectural monuments (although the famous hotel "Carlton", "majestic", "Martinez" everyone is paying attention), but it is useless. You just have to walk between rows of pine and palm trees, to breathe the sea air and looking around. It was lost in a casino of the state of the Indian Maharajas, Arabian emirs, and the European princes, sang Maurice Chevalier and Edith Piaf, catching the first rays of the glory of Alain Delon and Brigitte Bardot...

To stay on the boardwalk are the blue seats, almost the same as on the promenade des Anglais in nice. They are comfortable to admire the sea view Asteriska mountains and the Islands of Lerins. Two embankments - English and La Croisette is slightly similar, but the differences, of course. Perhaps, here, in Cannes, much more very expensive cars. In addition, the beach lying just below the promenade is sandy, a rarity on the Cote d'azur. Nice no such.