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Navarrenx: photo description (Navarrenx)

The main specialization of the municipality of Navarrenx is salmon. Here not only bred this valuable commercial fish, but every year hold world Championships for its fishing. In addition to fish farming, the people of Navarrenx, also engaged in agriculture and of course tourism, since the village is included in the list of the most beautiful in France.

Navarrenx is located in the pyrénées-Atlantiques Department of the Aquitaine region. In the municipality reside more than 1,100 people. Its history goes back five centuries. This city appeared at the behest of the king of Navarre Henry II in the sixteenth century as a fortified settlement. Henry II inherited the viscountcy béarn, on whose territory and built Navarrenx.

Many of its first buildings have survived to the present day - for example, the fortifications, the Church of Saint Germain and Maison Jeanne d'albret, Queen of Navarre, daughter of Henry and Margaret of Navarre. By the seventeenth century, is the building of a military warehouse, which before that served as the residence of the Navarran kings, as well as the castle, located a few kilometres from Navarrenx.

Navarrenx is on the river Oloron, through which a bridge, built in the XIII century.