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Najac: photo description (Najac)

The village of Najac was founded in the XII century, and the first on this place there was built a castle, which after a half century Poitou and count of Toulouse Alphonse de Poitiers was rebuilt into a fortress. Its remains today are the main attraction of this village. The fortress has survived only partially, as the locals in the past centuries gradually dismantled it for stone for building their houses. They are not only touched by the tower, on which was placed a bell. And only because I used a bell on purpose - to warn the villagers of danger or the Declaration of a General fee for any reason. Currently, the castle belongs to private owners, who spend it restoration. Features of this fortress was its favorable location, hidden transitions from one structure to another, as well as a unique loopholes that allow you to shoot the three archers.

The commune of Najac is located in Aveyron in the region MIDI - pyrénées. She stands on the banks of the river Aveyron and part of the Association "Most beautiful villages of France". The permanent population of the commune is about 750 people who are employed in agriculture and tourism. One of the neighboring towns are Rodez.

Almost all sights of the village, including the castle of Najac, in the last century have been declared historical monuments. These buildings mostly Dating from the XIII-XIV century. These include St. John's Church and bridge of Saint-Blaise, the fountain on one of the streets of the city and home of the Seneschal. In the village you can also see the ruins of the former gate.

Another feature of local architecture is the use of small river stones to build houses, fastened with cement mortar. The village of Najac like clinging on the hillside, and inside it is clearly a shortage of space: the streets are very narrow, and standing between the houses on them were left even more narrow passages, in which two travellers to pass would be difficult.