/ / The national Marc Chagall Museum: photos, description (Le musee Marc Chagall)

The national Marc Chagall Museum: photos, description (Le musee Marc Chagall)

National Museum Marc Chagall in nice - not the biggest of "sagalowsky" museums in the world, but certainly one of the most striking and impressive. Its peculiarity is that it was created with the active participation of the artist himself.

In 1966, Chagall settled in Saint-Paul-de-Vence, a tiny town twenty kilometers from nice. Behind him was seventy-nine years of life, including success in the old, old Russia, a revolution, a short guide "works of art in Vitebsk province", drawing lessons for homeless children in Malakhovka near Moscow, departure to Lithuania, Germany, and then France, the European success, the crushing of France by the Nazis, flight to USA, new success overseas, the death of his beloved wife Bella, return to liberated France.

In the sixties Chagall was already an acknowledged master. The government of Israel ordered his mosaics and tapestries for the Parliament in Jerusalem. The artist had received orders for the preparation of many Christian churches and synagogues in Europe, America, and Israel. He worked in Paris, bought a house in Saint-Paul-de-Vence and rebuilt it, turning it into a workshop. In 1964, the artist commissioned by de Gaulle created the magnificent ceiling of the Paris Grand Opera. By this time in possession of the French state were seventeen paintings by Chagall Biblical message, which he presented to the government. The Minister of culture andré Malraux proposed the Chagall Museum in nice, and make the picture center collection.

The city has allocated for the Museum a large plot with ruins of a Villa of the early twentieth century. The project is a single storey building was designed by architect Andre Erman. ... Chagall details thought through what should be a garden surrounding the building, the place of each leaf, created mosaics and stained-glass Windows in blue tones for the concert hall.

The Museum is dedicated to religious insight Chagall - they are embodied in his gouaches illustrations to the Bible (created in the thirties), a large collection of lithographs, sculptures, ceramics. Seventeen paintings illustrating the old Testament, divided into two halls. In the first are twelve works in the cold emerald-blue colours here depict scenes from the book of Genesis and part of Exodus. In the second - five paintings in reddish colours, is dedicated to the love lyric of the song of Songs. Exposition of the third hall is updated all the time.

The Museum opened in 1973 in the presence of the artist. At first the meetings were called "national Museum Marc Chagall Biblical message." Visitor meets a beautiful garden, conceived by Chagall, - a garden of Eden of his work: olives, cypresses, oaks and pines, flowers, cool white and blue tones. Everything they wanted master, resting not far from here, in the small cemetery of Saint-Paul-de-Vence, under a simple stone slab.