/ / National Museum of education: photo description (Musee national de l'education)

National Museum of education: photo description (Musee national de l'education)

Agree that while traveling in another country, the tourist is least likely to... school. In Rouen, a school and University subject has dedicated a Museum, which also has the status of national. It presents the history of French education since the sixteenth century, and the number of exhibits may soon be closer to a million. Now it holds about nine thousand items that are somehow related to the educational process of centuries past and not so distant times.

National Museum of education in Rouen, half-timbered house Dating from the XV century, known as "the house of the brethren of Emon". Four-storey mansion was considered in those days a luxury housing, was decorated with stucco and sculptures. Now here are kept not just a Museum rarity, scientists continue to study and benefit for this education.

Perhaps, the most numerous category of artifacts is the collection of photographs, which now number about 400 thousand, almost half of all Museum collections. In addition to photos, there are more than 80 thousand of student work, textbooks and educational games, stationery (pens and carnality, for example), items that were used to punish negligent students, documents, notebooks, and more. In the Museum you can also find a school library with six thousand volumes, and entire classes with furniture and equipment that would have had the disciples of the XIX century on the lessons of physics and chemistry.

Particularly noteworthy is a large collection of autographs of famous people of France. In total there are about seven thousand of autographs, among which are the flourishes of Louis XV and poet Charles Baudelaire.