/ / The national customs Museum: photos, description (Musee national des douanes)

The national customs Museum: photos, description (Musee national des douanes)

The building, which is the national customs Museum, is part of a unique architectural ensemble of market square - perhaps the ultimate symbol of Bordeaux.

The basis of this ensemble are two long buildings constructed in the first half of the XVIII century. Thus, the former customs house, which housed the Museum, was built in 1733 in that time, inherent in the Baroque style by the architect Jacques Gabriel. Building on Birzhevaya square is decorated with statues of ancient gods, who with patronages and trade - Athena and Hermes.

The Museum in the customs Palace was opened in 1984. Currently, his collection has about 12 thousand exhibits, among which you can see including a variety of repossessions, seized from smugglers, who in the distant past. Among the confiscated items - a fossilized dinosaur egg, musical instruments, ivory, works of art, who tried to import or export from the country illegally - for example, a fake painting by Salvador Dali "the Creation". In addition, the Museum displays uniforms and weapons, customs, models of merchant ships, sculptures and precious objects, true works of Claude Monet the customs Hut", counterfeit money, fit fraud (e.g., flat, curved metal of the flask in which the illegal traders who smuggled alcohol, tying capacity of the abdomen under clothing) and many more.

This Museum tells about the history of Bordeaux - third by value and turnover of the port of the country, called one of a kind museums in France. He also talks about the work of modern French customs and not only about their colleagues XVIII-XIX centuries.