/ / The national Navy Museum: photos, description (Musee national de la Marine)

The national Navy Museum: photos, description (Musee national de la Marine)

National Navy Museum located in the Palais de Chaillot at trocadéro, and here should go. France never sought to become a great Maritime power, but its fleet for centuries plied the seas and oceans - the French have something to show.

History of the Museum began in 1748, when the General marine inspector Henri-Louis Duhamel du Monceau showed to Louis XV his collection of models of ships and asked the monarch to put the model in the Louvre, to be able to see the cadets of the naval engineering school. The king agreed, so the Louvre appeared the Sea space.

In the revolution room was closed, but the collection survived. Under Napoleon she spent some time in the Ministry of Navy on the place de La Concorde, then in the residence of the Emperor in the Grand Trianon (the model of the frigate "Morion", which the Emperor was returning from Egypt to France, Bonaparte even put in the bedroom). After the Bourbon restoration of the collection is returned to the Louvre already in the status of a state Museum with branches in Cherbourg, Brest, Lorient, Rochefort and Toulon, where the naval base of France. The Palais de Chaillot the Museum was established in 1937.

In different times the Museum was headed by a famous and deserved people. Since 1852 his handler was marine painter Antoine Leon Morel-Fatio - the collection was enriched by the many paintings. In 1871, the Museum was headed by Admiral françois-Edmond Wager, when it added about 400 models of different ships.

Upon entering the Museum the visitor encounters a military model of a sailing ship in two human growth in height. The connoisseur will note the amazing accuracy of detail - rigging, rigging, armament. The exposition is built in chronological order from ancient sailing ships to modern ships. On the walls - paintings and drawings of seascapes. In the hall of wooden sculpture presented to the bow and stern carved decoration of fighting sailing ships. The hall of weapons and nautical instruments, you can see swords, sabers, pistols, and the astrolabe, sextants, chronometers. Some models of the vessels shown in the section, so that visitors had the opportunity to examine the internal structure of the ships. There is a room in which completely recreated the interior of the military submarine: the device works, we hear the real sounds of sonar. Here everyone can feel like a submariner.