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New bridge: photos, description (the Pont Neuf)

Despite its name, the Pont Neuf (New bridge) is the oldest Parisian bridge over the Seine. It connects the Louvre embankment embankment Conti, and in the middle crosses the île de La Cité.

In the XVI century bridges in Paris was only four, not enough, and the idea of building a new crossing was discussed under Henry II. Began to build under Henry III, and was opened by the Pont Neuf Henry IV in 1607.

Like most bridges of the time, Pont Neuf was built in the Romanesque style and is a series of short, arched spans. It was the first stone bridge of Paris with an amazing innovation: it gave the pedestrian walkways, but have not built houses and shops - Henry IV specifically made sure that nothing was blocking the view of the Eiffel tower.

In 1614 by order of Marie de Medici in the middle of the bridge, where it crosses the Sieve, mounted equestrian statue of king Henri IV, then already dead. During the French revolution, the statue was smashed and thrown into the Seine, but later Louis XVIII ordered to take a leak and put a new statue, a copy of the same. She is there still.

Of course, the merchants were very unhappy that the shops are not built and so much space is wasted. But life on the bridge was still in full swing. The musicians played, jumping acrobats, fire-eaters surprised the people stray the doctors have removed the teeth and sold all sorts of drugs, Royal recruiters of the soldiers fluster of young men in the crowd prowling pickpockets and prostitutes walked. Paris police said that if within three days the man did not cross the Pont-Neuf, so he wasn't in town.

In 50-ies of the XVIII century became fashionable, the new Large boulevards, Pont-Neuf gradually gone out of fashion. In the mid-nineteenth century, people have said that the Pont-Neuf ceased to be the eternal fair, he is now just a bridge, which you cross without stopping. Well, at least he was safe, and was always beautiful.

The love of the Parisians to the bridge failed. Pont-Neuf wrote the Impressionists, it was praised in poems and songs about him, make a film, he has long been not just a bridge, it is one of the symbols of Paris.