/ / New bridge, (Pont-Neuf de Toulouse)

New bridge, (Pont-Neuf de Toulouse)

New bridge (Pont Neuf) in Toulouse is considered one of the most popular attractions - like old structure, which also beautifully illuminated with colored lights in the dark. In other words, it is an ideal place for photo shoots and dates.

The new bridge is located in the centre of the city, it spanned from one Bank of the Garonne on the other. Despite the fact that the bridge is new, its construction began in 1544 and lasted nearly nine decades. To raise funds for the construction of the bridge in Toulouse was even introduced a special tax. He was introduced by Francis I, and on solemn ceremony of opening a bridge is already present monarch - Louis XIV.

The construction was interrupted during the period of religious wars and was completed by 1632. At the beginning of the work took place under the guidance of architect Nicolas Basile and his assistant, engineer Louis Privas. In the process so protracted construction was revised several times the project of the bridge. The result was asymmetric, but very reliable, time-tested and natural disasters design. The bridge consists of seven different-sized arches, whose total length is 220 meters. The bridge was equipped with breakwaters and drainage systems that helped him to survive during floods.

In the second half of the seventeenth century the bridge was decorated with a triumphal arch, which was installed at the entrance to it. But two centuries later, the arch is partially collapsed, and it was decided to demolish it. In 1993, the reconstruction of the bridge, during which the building was equipped with a system of illumination.