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Noyer: photo description (Noyers)

Noyers is one of the most beautiful villages of the Yonne Department, situated in the Burgundy region. Nearby Noyers is located with the towns of Joigny, Trainee, Chablis, Saint-Sauveur, Saint-Florentin, Auxerre, Vezelay, and others, each of which can detect not one landmark of the medieval era - powerful as castles and stately or humble churches, chapels, abbeys and other structures.

The full name of the village of Noyers-sur-serein, as it stands on the banks of the river serein. The village has less than seven hundred people, who since ancient times in winemaking. Another local specialty are truffles. Every autumn, Noyer attracts connoisseurs of these fungi, because the village fair is held truffles.

The village of Noyers one of the most beautiful villages of France. On Sundays, local attractions, arrange a "sparing mode" - the old centre of Noyers closed for entry of vehicles, and then on the streets lined with houses of the XIII-XV centuries, modern sound disappears the background and there is the atmosphere, reminiscent of medieval.

On the hill, located on the shores of Serena, X-XII centuries, was built a castle that was well fortified. However, during the religious wars it was destroyed and its remains were subsequently demolished by local residents. Currently, local enthusiasts trying to recreate the plans of the castle and for them to spend its reconstruction.

But Noyer is quite well preserved surrounding the village walls and other fortifications. So, has retained much of its towers (19 of 23) and three entrance gates. One of the towers that were part of the defense system, today open to the public. You can also see a collection of medieval weapons. In the centre of Noyers are numerous houses of Fachwerk and former residence of the Seneschal. A place of concentration of ancient buildings (place du March-AUX-ble.