/ / The Odeon on the Fourvière hill: photos, description (Odeon antique de Lyon)

The Odeon on the Fourvière hill: photos, description (Odeon antique de Lyon)

Hill Furler in Lyon is the place where there are attractions that were created in ancient times. Remnants of these structures is evidence of the existence on the site of modern Lyon, the ancient city of Lugdunum.

Roman Odeon on the hill adjacent to the ancient theatre, both buildings form quite rare for ancient architecture ensemble. The Odeon Romans called the complex of buildings, consisting of an amphitheater and stage, which were intended for competitions of singers and musicians, as well as public meetings. Odeon on Fourviere became known as a place of torture and executions of early Christian martyrs - these spectacles were popular with the Romans in the II century. Scientists have found that the Odeon were other, less bloody, presentation - meeting of the urban elite, public readings and musical performances. The amphitheatre could accommodate up to 3 thousand spectators, and its stage made their way up the slopes of the hill. The diameter of the arena Odeon was 73 meters. For comparison, another theatre had a capacity of about 10 thousand spectators and was built a little earlier - in the first century.

The exact date of the erection of the Odeon so far, scientists have not been established as the most probable period is called the beginning and middle of the II century, at that time the reign of Augustus. Currently, the amphitheatre and the Odeon be hosting the cultural festival "Night Fourviere, which takes place annually in the summer.

Both theatres here, on the hill, or rather, in the hill is the Museum of Gallo-Roman civilization, a large part of the building which is located underground. In the Museum you can see the results of archaeological investigations on the hill of Fourviere, including ancient sarcophagi, amphorae and tableware, bronzes and glass, mosaics and other items from Roman and earlier times.