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Lake Blanc: photo description (Lac Blanc)

Lake Blanc, located in the Vosges mountains (Alsace), has a "brother" - the Lac Noir, which is located just below and on which were installed in the first half of the last century hydroelectric power station. The possibility of installing the station came from the fact that both lakes are linked by cascades, and the energy of falling water is a source of electrical energy.

Both lakes are at an altitude of 955 and 1055 meters above sea level, respectively. Blanc and Noir nourish with their waters the river Weiss: Blanc serves as its source, and from Noir follows the Creek, a tributary of the Weiss. Both lakes are also visited natural attractions and places for active rest and sports. Lac Noir French filmmakers often shoot in his films as the natural scenery.

The size of the lake Blanc is approximately 500 to 800 meters and reaches a depth of 72 meters. On one of the shores of lake Blanc you can see the rock on top of which is a white statue of the virgin Mary. In addition, the rock is a place of training for climbers, and in winter on the shores of lake hone their skills athletes-climbers. The shore is mostly covered with stones, which grow in winter, the frozen waterfalls a hundred-meter height. Also close to lake ski station, toboggan run and cross-country skiing. In summer open play Park and paintball field, there are excursions to the mountains. From the banks of the lake you can see Mont Blanc - the highest point in Europe.

One of the closest to lake Blanc cities in the Orb, the lake can be reached from Chamonix.