/ / Lake Bourget: photo description (Lac du Bourget)

Lake Bourget: photo description (Lac du Bourget)

The Bourget lake as a tourist attraction has long been known from about the same era as the AIX-Les-Bains, in France, a popular Spa resort based on hot springs. Therefore, on the banks of lake Bourget, there is everything necessary for recreation and entertainment infrastructure.

The lake is located in the Savoie region, between the cities of AIX-Les-Bains and Chambery. Bourget is a lake of glacial origin, its age has 19 years and sizes up to 3.5 kilometers wide and 18 kilometers in length. The depth of the lake reaches up to 145 meters. Water in the lake as much as a drink all the people of France during the year. However, in summer the water warms up only to 25 degrees. In France, the Bourget is the largest natural lake.

On the shores of the lake you can find several historical attractions such as the Abbey of Hautecombe XII century - the tomb of the rulers of Savoy and the castle of Chatillon.

Of entertainment and leisure activities on the lake Bourget available boat trips, mountain excursions on foot, on bicycles or SUVs, as well as familiarity with local vineyards and production of wine. Around the lake there are several wine-making villages, one of which - Saint-Andre-Le-Marsh you can also find the Museum of viticulture.

In addition, over the lake you can fly a paraglider or a hang glider, and on the water surface Bourget - fly water skiing, sailing or jet ski. To this list we add beach holiday and year-round fishing, and if entertainment is not enough, you can visit a casino and racetrack in AIX-Les-Bains or theatre, palaces and temples in Chambery.