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Oceanopolis: photos, description (Oceanopolis)

Oceanopolis in Brest - scientific-entertainment center dedicated to the flora and fauna of the World ocean. In the arrangement of this theme Park was attended by leading scientific organizations and institutions of France, dedicated to the study of plants and animals of seas and oceans. Their contribution to the organization of the Park was made more than two dozen institutions. They had not only scientific but also technical support, providing the necessary equipment. Opened in 1990, and since that time the area of the Park and the number of pools has increased several times.

Oceanopolis consists of three pavilions, which recreated the ecosystems of the polar and tropical latitudes and temperate zones. In the pools you can see more than 10 thousand representatives of sea fauna and flora. The total volume of the pool is nearly 4 million liters of sea water. This water is fed from the waters of the city port and passes multistage clearing, including also UV treated and correction of chemical composition. There is also a device that simulates natural marine processes - waves, tides.

Pavilion tropics is inhabited by sharks, it recreates the coral reefs and tropical forests. In the polar pavilion how to feel at home by seals and penguins, which have created artificial ice. Pavilion temperate climate of the famous whole underwater forests of seaweed, here live the representatives of the coastal waters of Brittany.

In Oceanopolis you can also see interactive exhibits and watch documentaries about marine life. In addition, offering Park visitors a panoramic lift and the opportunity to dive with scuba in the pool pavilion of the tropics.