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Elarg: photos, description (Olargues)

Oleg is a beautiful old village in the South of France, Languedoc - Roussillon. It is included in the Association "Most beautiful villages of France". It is home to only 600 people.

The story of Olarge roots in ancient times, long time there lived the Romans. After the fall of the Western Roman Empire here at some point stayed in various tribes such as the vandals and Visigoths. Only in the eleventh century, the control of this area took the local viscounts. Then on the top of the hill the fortress was built in the Romanesque style, around which later grew up the town. From the castle there is nothing left, in addition to the powerful bell tower, rebuilt in the XV century.

Oleg has undergone a lot of destruction in numerous wars, he also suffered from epidemics of various diseases, including the terrible Black death. For a long time the city remained forgotten, but in the eighteenth century began its economic rise. Incomes this settlement brought the work of local artisans and successful agriculture.

City Olrg attracts thousands of tourists with its authentic medieval appearance. There are lots of old stone buildings and the cobblestone streets. In them, as a few hundred years ago, there are various workshops and souvenir shops specializing in the sale of handmade goods. The town also has a Museum dedicated to the history, customs and traditions of this area. The main temple of Alarga - St. Lawrence's Church, built in the XVII century.

Another attraction of the settlement is a narrow stone bridge Dating back to the XII century. He is called the Devil's Bridge, and it is believed that here the wicked townspeople made deals with devil.