/ / Opera house: photo description (L'opera d'avignon)

Opera house: photo description (L'opera d'avignon)

In the historical centre of Avignon on the square Hours next to the city hall is the Opera house, built in the XIX century. It is known that the first theatrical performances in Avignon gave for the second half of the XIV century, and the Opera itself was built in 1846 on the site burned down about twenty years ago the Comedy theatre.

During the construction of the Opera house was chosen as the Italian style, which is characterized by the splendor and abundance of various decorative elements. Here and on the facade of the building you can see bas-relief images of Good king rené, also known as a poet and patron of the arts, and the Italian poet Petrarch. The left and right of the main entrance to the theatre, there are statues of two French writers, the "fathers" of Comedy and tragedy - by Jean-Baptiste Moliere and Pierre Corneille. By the way, Moliere staged at the Comedy theatre, which was built Opera. In addition, the Opera house is decorated with other sculptures, floral ornaments and columns.

Presentation at the Opera house of Avignon are held throughout the year. In addition to classic Opera productions, it also show performances, dance performances, concerts, exhibitions and even arrange activities for children and youth audience. In the performances going on the stage Avignon Opera, involving the stars of French cinema and theatre - if you are lucky, you can see the performance with the participation of Alain Delon.

The Opera house becomes one of the venues the Avignon theatre festival which has been held since 1947 and assemble in this city the most interesting troupes of Europe, who present their premiere. The festival is held annually in the month of July, become an urban area.