/ / Opera house in Lille: photo description (Opera de Lille)

Opera house in Lille: photo description (Opera de Lille)

In 1903, a large fire destroyed the Opera house in Lille, and four years later began the construction of a new building. The architect for this project was Louis Marie Cordonnier, chosen by the city fathers to contest.

The work was carried out from 1907 to 1913, but the Grand opening of the new Opera took place only ten years. Perhaps the opening of the theater immediately after construction prevented the First world war, Lille was occupied by the Germans, who were taken from the theatre of the furniture and equipment. While in the war at the theater continued to put on plays, all on the scene was shown about a hundred productions. After the war the theatre has needed restoration, and only after it held its Grand opening.

By the end of XX century the theater building is so dilapidated that it was closed at the height of the theatrical season. Therefore it again began to carry out restoration work supervised by architects Patrice Neirinck and Pierre-Louis, Carla. The opening of the renovated Opera was premiered in 2003, and in 2004, Lille was awarded the title of cultural capital of Europe.

The building of the Lille Opera is a sample of neoclassical style, its pediment decorated with images of Apollo and the muses. Auditorium in a thousand places decorated in the Italian style, and the main staircase designed in the style of the sun king Louis XIV. In addition to performances, the Lille Opera are the joint performances of popular music bands (such as the national orchestra of Lille, or Picardie) with other international or regional groups. The Opera house is funded by multiple city and state agencies, and among its patrons is casino Barrier, which is a group of companies with a century of history in the gambling and hotel business.