/ / The Opera house of Rennes: photo description (Opera de Rennes)

The Opera house of Rennes: photo description (Opera de Rennes)

The Opera house is located in the heart of a major French city of Rennes is the administrative center of the region of Brittany. From the IV century it already existed in his own diocese. Unfortunately, almost all of the medieval buildings of Rennes was destroyed in a fire in 1720, and the town was completely built anew. The area suffered badly during the bombing during the Second world war, but many of the masterpieces of French architecture was able to restore with historical accuracy.

The Opera house of Rennes was inaugurated on 29 February 1836, the construction took 4 years. It is located on the town hall square (Place de la Mairie), and faces directly into the building of the city Council. Earlier this place was located in retail shops included in the part of the market. In 1856 the building was a fire, but the damage was insignificant.

The construction is made in the form of a semicircle, on top of which are sculptured figures representing the ancient Greek muses.
The theatre is decorated in Italian style and has very strong compactness. Interestingly, this is one of the smaller size of Opera houses around the world - it consists of only 642 places. The dome was decorated with exquisite painting in 1914, and domestic interiors are decorated with frescoes by local artist Camille Year, also worked in the XX century.

The Opera house of Rennes was subjected to a planned restoration in 1996-1997. The whole architectural ensemble is a monument of history and culture of France and is under state protection.