/ / Armory square and the city Hall of Metz: photos, description (Place d'armes)

Armory square and the city Hall of Metz: photos, description (Place d'armes)

Armory square is one of Central Metz. Its construction was started in the middle of the XVIII century. Currently, the area is a historic symbol of the city and the venue for military parades, city festivals and other events with a large number of participants and spectators.

Among the attractions of this area, you can call the town hall and the Cathedral of St. Etienne, who is older than the square itself for several centuries. Its construction began in the thirteenth century and continued for another couple of centuries. The Cathedral was consecrated only in the middle of the XVI century. Metz Cathedral is recognized as one of the most beautiful cathedrals of France. It is decorated with magnificent stained glass Windows, the oldest of which was founded in the XIII century, and the late - twentieth-m was designed by the famous artist Marc Chagall. Over a large area these pictures of stained glass Cathedral of Saint-Etienne became known as "the lamp of the Lord."

On the arches of the Cathedral you can see the painting, the plot of which went to a local ancient legend. On the ceiling of the Church depicts Saint Clement, first Bishop of Metz, fighting with the dragon, Growly. According to legend, the dragon flew in from Metz Moselle and settled in the ruins of the Roman amphitheatre. The beast was a nuisance to citizens, raiding the streets of Metz. Clement, who lived in the third century, undertook to expel him. To do this, he wrapped the neck of the monster part of his clothing and led him outside the city. On the island, located on the river Zeila, the dragon fell to the ground, and the Bishop had stopped him out of a huge stone which now lies in the same place.

Opposite the Cathedral stands a building which was the Palace of the bishops. Today it is a market that sells food produced by local farmers.