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Mansion Berny: photos, description Hotel de Bernuy)

Berny mansion located in the historic centre of the French city of Toulouse, on Rue Gambetta. It was built in 1503-1533 years and performed in the style of the Renaissance. It is especially famous for its hexagonal tower, where a spiral staircase. Tower is considered the highest in the entire city - it is 26.5 meters in height.

Originally the mansion belonged to a rich merchant, Jean de Berni who made his fortune in trade. He was able to buy large shares of territories in the South of France, formerly belonging to a bankrupt nobility. While staying in Toulouse, he in 1533 was able to get a high position in the city administration.

However, after his death, the descendants are unable properly to dispose of all real property de Berny. From 1567 to his mansion in Toulouse, housed educational institutions, including monastic schools. Almost two hundred years here is the Jesuit College, received in 1764 the title of "Royal" College. At the moment, in the mansion Berny is one of the branches of the oldest and most prestigious city Lyceum, named after the famous mathematician Pierre Fermat, which almost worked all his life in Toulouse.

On the construction of the mansion worked with the architect Louis Privat. The building itself is quite monumental. Notably the elegant courtyard is a typical element of Renaissance style. Its powerful arches decorated with medallions depicting various mythological characters and real people - it is possible to detect a kind of "portraits" of the house of the architect Louis Privat and his owner, Jean de Berny.