/ / Mansion island: photos, description Hotel de Vogue)

Mansion island: photos, description Hotel de Vogue)

In Dijon there is a district lined with Renaissance mansions. It is located North of the Church in the Gothic style Notre Dame de Dijon. At the beginning of the quarter, stands the mansion, which bears the name of one of its owners island.

Find the mansion easily by swapping the roof, which is lined with tiles glazed roof tiles pattern, which is considered the "brand" Burgundy ornament of four colors. This pattern in Dijon can be found on the roof of the Cathedral of St. Benigna, similar ornaments are found in other Burgundian cities, for example, in Beaune, on the roof of the hospices de Hotel Dieu. The roof of the mansion island usually makes guests of Dijon Association with colored variegated rug or painted stick.

Mansion island called the pearl of the historic centre of Dijon and a classic example of the architecture of Burgundy. This building was built in the early XVII century for étienne de Sevigne Buje. Actually, he was a judge and served as Counsellor in the Parliament of the province, however, the rumor attributed to him and outstanding skills of the architect - according to local legend, the judge himself executed the project of his future house. In 1766, his heir became the wife of count de Vogue, and this name later became the name of the house. The status of a monument of history, the mansion was received in 1911, he currently is the property of the municipality. It has a management culture and architecture of Dijon, as well as exhibitions and other cultural events.

The house consists of two buildings connected by a covered gallery, forming a courtyard. The walls of the house decorated in the spirit of the French Renaissance.