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Mansion Reserves: photos, description Hotel Groslot)

Today, a Renaissance mansion Reserves is a place where weddings, other social events, and the house is open to the curious public as a Museum.

This house is beautiful inside and out, was built in the mid XVI century for Jacques Reserves, local Bal - official, set by the king to represent in one person all three branches of district government - administrative, judicial and military. During the reign of Jacques Reserves Orleans was visited by the young king Francis II, whose mansion balia became a place of death. 17-year-old king staying in the house, died from a brief illness. The bedroom where it happened, later remade into the hall for official ceremonies. Today on this episode recalls the picture hanging on one wall of the room. The death of Francis II - perhaps the most well-known historical fact connected with the house Reserves.

Before the French revolution the mansion was the property of the family Reserves, and then was requisitioned and converted into the town hall.

The house was built of brick trimmed with stone rustboro, decorated with figures of caryatids, consists of two buildings of wings and has a double Grand staircase. The authorship is attributed to the architect Jacques Andrea, Ducers, and the last reconstruction was undertaken in the mid-nineteenth century albert Delton, who also restored the interior of the house, introducing the neo-Gothic elements.

Inside the building you can see the famous tapestry created by the weavers of the city of Aubusson, fireplaces, one of which is decorated with bas-reliefs depicting scenes from the life of the maid of Orleans. The rooms and halls preserved paintings, old furniture, other items of furniture. In one of the rooms is kept the chest decorated with carving, a gift of king Louis XI made the Church Saint-Aignan.

Around the house there is a garden, and in front of the building in 1840 was a statue of Joan of Arc. In Orleans mansion Reserves is located in the square of l Stage.