/ / The island of Grand-Baie and the tomb of Chateaubriand: photos, description (Grand Be)

The island of Grand-Baie and the tomb of Chateaubriand: photos, description (Grand Be)

The founder of French romanticism, diplomat and peer of France, Francois Rene de Chateaubriand was born in 1768 in Saint-Malo, and died in 1848 in Paris, but his grave is located in a small country. Writer and political figure resting in the earth of the island of Grande-Baie.

In his political career Chateaubriand served as a diplomat in Rome under Napoleon, when the Bourbons became Minister of foreign Affairs and was Ambassador of France in the capitals of other European States, Germany and England. As a writer Chateaubriand left to posterity several novels, most of which the author himself considered it an "Apology of Christianity".

Chateaubriand's desire to be buried on the island of Grand-Be was so great that he long before his death, attended to the organization place for their funeral. The land was then considered a military area, so it was required to obtain special permission. First, a petition to the mayor of Saint-Malo gave himself Chateaubriand in the 60 years of age for as much as twenty years before his death. Despite the merits of the applicant, who by that time long had the status of a member of the French Academy, Chateaubriand was denied. The second petition, even the name of the new mayor, a few years later filed a fan of his work, and it was granted. Also was obtained and permission from the military Department. This burial site was ready when the Chateaubriand was 70 years old.

According to the will of the writer, a tombstone for his grave was made without any inscriptions. However, tombstone is a wall on which was affixed a plaque with the inscription about what a great writer and after his death I would like to hear the sound of the sea and wind.

Chateaubriand's grave located in the Western part of the island of Grande-Baie.