/ / The island of St Honor: photos, description Ile Saint-Honorat)

The island of St Honor: photos, description Ile Saint-Honorat)

Saint Honor is one of the two large Islands Leninskogo archipelago, lying opposite the Croisette. This island, in fact, the top of the rock, covered with layer of fertile soil. More surprising his story and today being.

It was named in memory of the Saint Honorata, the founder of the local Catholic monastery. Legend has it that a monk made here two miracles: destroy infested by snakes and Scorpions and opened in the dry earth, the source of fresh water. The source is still in effect (albeit now with a pump). It was he who enabled the convent to survive for nearly sixteen centuries.

Saint Onora small: one and a half kilometers in length, 400 metres in width. From the largest of the Islands, Sainte Marguerite, it is separated by the narrow (600 m) Strait. Boats coming here from Cannes, stick to the pier near the Northern shore. From here a dirt road leads to the South coast, where lies Lerinski monastery. The extreme southern point of the island - a tiny Peninsula on which stands the mighty medieval Fort Saint-Honor.

For centuries the island was passed from hand to hand: it had been seized by the Saracens and Spaniards, plundered by pirates, anew strengthened by the French. In 1794, General Bonaparte, future Emperor Napoleon, placed on the Eastern and Western capes two furnaces for heat kernels. In these furnaces the cannon balls were heated red-hot, turning in incendiary shells, deadly for the wooden sailing ships. These two ovens stand still.

From the top platform of the fortress island is seen in full view: the vineyards around the monastery, the woods along the banks. We can consider seven chapels located in different locations. In the Eastern part is the chapel of the Trinity, built no later than the XII century. On the lintel of the window on the North side noticeable trace of core: during the Spanish occupation of the island (XVII century), the chapel played the role of the fortress.

The nature here is magnificent. The pine forest is shaded, the water in the bays clean and clear, good place to swim. But the monks restrict the flow of tourists: a small ferry only goes a few times a day. Smoking on the island is impossible, the dress should wear modest. Anywhere you see a sign calling for silence: the local monastery is home to monks of the Cistercian vows of silence.

It is this feature of the island, currently control it quiet and beautiful. Hard to believe that just two kilometers away are the bustling beaches of Cannes. And here the buzzing of bees, wind in the crowns of the bent pines. If sitting in the boat, lower the hands in water, it rushes not frightened fish. Can sometimes be found working in the vineyard of the monk. He did not utter a word, but be sure to smile.