/ / The island of Tristan: photos, description (Ile Tristan)

The island of Tristan: photos, description (Ile Tristan)

The Tristan is a small island located in the Gulf near the city of Douarnenez. The island is considered one of the city's main attractions, although there really are no special constructions are present. Except that the garden of exotic plants, broken on the island, but the legends that surround it.

According to one of them, the island is connected with the love story of the knight Tristan to the Princess Isolde, which he carried as a bride to my king. After a series of misadventures, their story ended not with a happy ending and a tragic ending: the lovers died, and Tristan allegedly lost their lives on this island and it was buried there.

However, with the island in the Bay is linked to another legend, the protagonist of which - the son of a local noble family de Fontenelle. The city even survived the house that they owned one of the oldest city buildings (second half of XVI century). From this house to the island was allegedly laid an underground passage in which the son, a former thief, he could in time to escape and to hide their "trophies". And these riches though, and are now in the land of the island.

In the late XIX - early XX century, the island of Tristan was private property and belonged to Jean Rispen - poet, member of the Franco-Prussian war, author of poems, novels and plays. In the present condition of the island following the town's Museum. To the island during low tide you can walk along the bottom of the sea, and at other times by boat.

The Bay in which the island of Tristan, is also a place steeped in legend. If you believe her, then at the bottom of the Bay lies the sunken city of ker-Is, from which escaped only the king Gradlon with her daughter, after the founder of the nearby town of Quimper. In Quimper Gradlon have got the honor of the founder, he was even a monument. And the inhabitants of Douarnenez expressed in this way their respect to the sardine fishing and processing which they have been doing for many years.