/ / LAVEZZI Islands: photos, description (Iles Lavezzi)

LAVEZZI Islands: photos, description (Iles Lavezzi)

LAVEZZI Islands located in the Strait between Corsica and Sardinia is very picturesque and uninhabited place, but in this deserted area for tourists established the most rigid rules.

The fact that this group of Islands is adjacent to Corsica since 1982, is a national marine Park. You can get there during the tour from the nearby Bonifacio or any other Corsican town, and also rented a boat or yacht. The length of the path will be only about half an hour. The size of the largest island of the archipelago - about 100 meters at its widest point.

During your stay on the protected Islands do not use the bicycles and other vehicles, it is forbidden to make fire, to pluck flowers, Pets and litter. On the island sells Souvenirs, food and drinks. On one of the Islands is a monument to those killed in the shipwreck, also in the archipelago is a lighthouse.

The archipelago consists of a dozen granite Islands, which are also referred to as Mediterranean Maldives - a rich underwater life, which are numerous inhabitants of the reef LAVEZZI. One of these inhabitants is a four-foot fish with the body oval - grouper. In these waters you can also see stingrays, jellyfish, anemones and other inhabitants sredizemnomorskikh depths. The richness of the underwater world and transparent waters to the archipelago of the LAVEZZI divers from around the world. Divers are also interested in underwater granite rocks, the base of which is at a depth of 30 meters and the top of one of them is 16 metres from the sea surface.

The terrestrial part of the Islands are covered with rocks, including giant boulders of fantastic shapes that they gave the time and sea water. On the Islands you can also find pebble beaches and a shallow Bay with warm water. The island LAVEZZI is considered, it is the most southern point of France.