/ / Island Palace: photos, description Palais de l'isle)

Island Palace: photos, description Palais de l'isle)

One of the most photographed guests of Annecy buildings is an Island Palace located in the middle of the river Tiu. Another name of the Palace on the island, as the locals call it the old prison, as do building once housed a prison.

It looks like a gloomy stone boat building was built in the XII-XIII centuries and was intended to charge a fare on the bridge through the Tiu. Then the building was used as casemates. In the XIV century, it "reclassified" in mint - probably thanks to the reliability of buildings and fortifications, because the criminals need to guard, and money - to take care of. Was in the history of the castle and the periods when it was the residence of noble ladies - Helen of Luxembourg, wife of count of Geneva (XV century) and was even a nursing home (in the nineteenth century). In the second half of the XIX century the castle was taken under its roof a shelter, a school of drawing and gym. He even wanted to demolish and build in its place a city baths. In the beginning of the XX century the building was finally declared a historical monument and started to restore. Sorry, updated the castle during the Second world war was once again used as a prison. Another restoration of the castle was at the end of the twentieth century.

The word "Palace" in the name of the castle remains from the days when it housed the Palace of justice. Currently, the Island city the Palace is a Museum dedicated to the history of Annecy and its architectural heritage. In addition, in the castle you can see the former prison cells and a small chapel.

The castle stands on a tiny island, the building occupies the entire territory of that piece of land. The angle of the castle, like the ship's nose, is the most famous view of Annecy. According to some travelers, the Island Palace is one of the most beautiful sights in the city.