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Hotel Negresco-pictures, description (Hotel Negresco)

The hotel Negresco is one of the symbols of nice. It seems these white walls and pink with a turquoise dome was here, on the promenade des Anglais, always.

However, the hotel is only a hundred years. In 1913 it was opened by Henri Negresco, the son of a Romanian innkeeper, in France reached great heights in the hospitality industry. To design the building of Negresco hired the famous architect Edouard-Jean Niermans. There were rumors that the shape of the dome mimics the shape of the breast of someone's beloved - whether Nierman, or the Negresco. The hotel was luxurious to extravagance, for its opening was attended by seven monarchs and the institution has received wide recognition.

A year and a half the First world. The hotel was converted into a military hospital, to the same wealthy clients on the Riviera is almost gone. Desolate, the Negresco was sold to her child and died a few years.

Second life, the hotel was acquired in 1957, when the wife of the lawyer Field, Ogier, Jeanne, accidentally found out that the elevators in this building are wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair with her mother. The family immediately bought forgotten the hotel for next to nothing.

Jeanne imbued with the idea of exclusive luxury, she went to auctions and antique shops. Now in the "Negresco", in the Museum, there are about 6 thousand unique works of art - among them the portrait of Louis XIV, painted by Hyacinthe Rigaud, a ten-ton fireplace from the old castle, the famous chandelier from baccarat, which is more than 16 thousand crystal pendants (paired hanging in the Moscow Kremlin).

The hotel finally became a legend. Then Salvador Dali was walking on the leash of a Cheetah, the Prince of Monaco had dinner with grace Kelly, Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, Montserrat caballé was rehearsing in one room, and Michael Jackson in the other. Guests were Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway, Catherine Deneuve, Charles Aznavour, Gina Lollobrigida, Paul McCartney.

The same legend was the mistress of the Negresco Jeanne augier. She is under the age of the hotel is only ten years old, but is still at the helm. Her husband died, no children, and bequeathed to the owner of the Negresco Fund, saving homeless people and animals. The hotel turns into a shelter, just the profits will go to charity.

About extraordinary women tell a lot of stories: it once at the request of Charles de Gaulle helped the Shah of Iran to develop tourism industry, and at the request of Nikita Khrushchev advised the Soviet "Intourist"; she wants "more" remained French, and refused to bill gates, who wanted to buy it for any money.

Not all customers are satisfied with the hotel: some of it seems outdated. But in 2009 Negresco received the fifth star. This is not just a hotel but almost a time machine: visitors come here to enjoy the atmosphere of the côte d'azur of the middle of XX century. Of course, not every tourist can afford a room in Negresco or lunch in its famous Michelin restaurant "Chantecler". But you can enjoy an inexpensive "dish of the day" Brasserie "rotunda" and the open-air terrace to admire the Gulf of the Angels - the same as a hundred years ago.