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Hotel-du-Palais: photo description (Hotel du Palais)

The hotel du Palais in Biarritz is a five - star hotel located in the former residence of the wife of Emperor Napoleon III and Eugenie. For his fashionable, rich history and geographical location this hotel in may 2011 was awarded the status Distinction Palace - the only one on the Atlantic coast of France and one of seven hotels in the country. The facades and the roof of this hotel declared a national historical heritage.

The building, which was originally called "Villa Eugenia", was built as a summer residence of the French Empress. Construction was started in 1854, and the Grand opening took place just a year. The building existed until 1893, and then became known as the Hotel du Palais. The original appearance of the residence was created by two architects, began construction Hippolyte Durand and was replaced by the court architect Louis-Auguste Couvrechef. A few years later was built another floor of the Villa and is equipped with a pair of auxiliary utility rooms - these works have led Auguste Lafolle.

After the Emperor's death in 1873, the Villa became the property of Empress Eugenie, but she's already three years later sold the building. The new owners were the bankers who arranged the Villa hotel-casino. In 1893 the building except the hotel.

In the early twentieth century the former Imperial Villa was badly damaged by fire. In 1903-1905 was carried out its restructuring, after which the old Villa is little left, except that the E-shaped building. The author of the reconstruction was the architect Edouard Jean-Nierman, which has developed the project of decorating the interiors and facades in the style of Louis XIII. Mural inside of the building belongs to the brush of painter Paul Gervais.

The Hotel du Palais has 154 rooms, including two Royal suites - the British king Edward VII and the Spanish monarch Alfonso XIII. The hotel also has three restaurants, a Spa, a pool with sea water and private access to the beach.